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Selena Gomez “Kiss And Tell” Track Listing

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1 Selena Gomez “Kiss And Tell” Track Listing on Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:59 pm

Janicaaaa ^^

~*DSS Admin*~
~*DSS Admin*~
1. Kiss And Tell
2. I Won’t Apologize
3. Falling Down
4. I Promise You
5. Naturally
6. Crush
7. The Way I Loved You
8. More
9. As A Blonde
10. I Don’t Miss You At All
11. Stop And Erase
12. I Got U
13. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know



New Member
New Member
Obozavam njene pesme!


New Member
New Member
Omiljene su mi "Tell me something I don't know","Naturally" i "Falling Down"!


~*DSS Admin*~
~*DSS Admin*~
volim skoro sve pesme :)



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New Member
Swe su exstra...

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